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Mental Health Resources

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is essential to living up to your highest potential. 


Dover AFB Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLCs)

Phone: (302) 379-6411


Free and anonymous to help military personnel and their families strengthen relationships and overcome life challenges.


Mental Health Services: Counseling for non-medical concerns including life and relationship stressors, stress management, work concerns, grief, and loss. Issues related to abuse, suicide, and long-term mental health concerns or conditions requiring medication are not typically addressed by these counselors. Available through the Military and Family Readiness Center and embedded in base schools. No records are kept except for certain duty to warn situations.

Dover AFB Chaplain

100% confidential spiritual care and counseling for Airmen, their families, Guardians, and other authorized personnel, whether religious or non-religious. 

Mental Health Services: New Parent Support Program, Parenting Education, Family Advocacy Strengths-Based Therapy, Postpartum Stress Support Group, Treatment for Victims/Offenders of Domestic Violence, Separating and Divorcing Parent Education Class (mandated by the State of Delaware).

Dover AFB Mental Health Clinic

Phone: (302) 677 -3544, MDG Appointment Hotline (302) 730-4633

Mental health/Tricare mental health providers that offer assessment and treatment for diagnosable mental health conditions. This specialty care clinic is available for active duty members only. Non-Active Duty beneficiaries can receive mental health treatment through Tricare-authorized providers without a referral.

Mental Health Services: Mental health assessment and treatment for diagnosable mental health conditions.

OST (Operation Support Team)/True North Providers

OST provides mental health and physical therapy support while embedded in designated units across the installation for a focused duration. True North providers are civilian licensed clinical social workers who are embedded and remain within assigned units to provide limited scope counseling and other interventions.

Mental Health Services: Limited scope counseling and mental health support for assigned units.

Phone: (302) 677-3406, True North - TBD

PCBH (Patient Centered Behavioral Health)

Previously known as BHOP, this service offers a licensed psychologist or social worker in the MDG for brief solution-focused care. Available to all 436th MDG beneficiaries with a PCM assigned to the MTF.

Phone: (302) 677 -3544, MDG Appointment Hotline (302) 730-4633

Mental Health Services: Issues addressed include stress management, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, medical conditions with a behavioral component (i.e. chronic pain, diabetes, obesity), parenting, and many other conditions. Appointments can be scheduled through the MDG Appointment Line or Tricare Online.

Integrated Resilience Office

Provide solutions to optimize resilience and to maximize primary prevention and response to interpersonal and self-directed violence.

Mental Health Services: Suicide and Violence Prevention, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Wingman Intervention training.

Phone: (302) 677-3275/6551

Military One Source

Phone: 800-342-9647


24/7 support for Airmen and their families available at no cost.


Mental Health Services: Counseling for a wide range of issues from marital conflicts, anger management, stress management and coping with separation, loss, and deployments. Sessions are no cost, can be short-term and can take place in person, over the phone, or via secure video or online chat.

Employee Assistance Program (AF Civilians)

Phone: 866-580-9078



Free, confidential services to help AF Civilian personnel and their household members manage everyday and more complex issues.


Mental Health Services: Counseling, Work-Life Services, Manager Support, Community Resources, Adult Caregiver Support, Child Care and Parental Support, Pet Support.

Additional Resources

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