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Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Tournament

Do you have a Nintendo Switch and love Mario Kart?!?! Here is a fun competition to take part in! The tournament begins 5/8-5/10 from 12:00pm-6:00pm PT (3:00pm-9:00pm EST) where you will have a chance to take part in 24 races each day!

At the end of the day, the top eight players will receive 2,500 Nintendo Gold Points! Scores reset at the end of each day, so if you don’t win the first day, try again the next! Check out the link for more information on joining the tournament: https://www.nintendo.com/…/join-the-mario-kart-north-ameri…/

How to:

1. Select online play and pick tournaments 2. Click search by code and enter the day’s tournament code Tournament codes: 5/8: 2598-8511-0827 5/9: 1828-4413-4955 5/10: 1403-6422-404