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Environmental Resources

Your environment strongly affects your ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Dover AFB Military & Family Readiness Center

Phone: (302) 677-6930


Bldg. 846 Sumner Drive

Dover, DE 19902

Provide individuals, families, and leadership with programs and services that strengthen community and promote self-sufficiency, mission readiness, and adaptation to the Air Force way of life. Serving Active Duty (single and married), family members, National Guard and Reserves, Retirees, as well as Civilian Employees.

Environmental Wellness Services: Relocation programs and resources including Plan My Move and Wing Newcomer’s; Air Force Aid Society programs including Childcare for PCS; Voter Assistance Office.

Military Housing Office

Assists in all your housing referral needs, whether purchasing, renting or moving into privatized housing. When you arrive at Dover Air Force Base (DAFB), you must visit the MHO to receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.

Environmental Wellness Services: Provides and assists with housing options available for families, single service members, families that are enrolled in the exceptional family member program, pet owners, and unaccompanied personnel.

Dover Family Housing

Office Phone: 302-337-4700

Leasing Office: 877-851-2616


Property Contact Email:


Eagle Heights at Dover

1069 High Street

Dover, De 19901

Housing Resident Advocate

Phone: (302) 677-3920

Liaison between privatized housing managers and military members to resolve housing issues that cannot be resolved through normal channels.


Environmental Wellness Services: Helps to resolve housing issues between project owners and service member residents, in privatized housing.

Dormitories/Unaccompanied Housing

Phone: (302) 677-4583


Assist with all dormitory housing needs. See Dover Airman Dormitory Leaders for assigned ADLs.

Environmental Wellness Services: ADLs (Airman Dormitory Leaders) provide guidance and advice on housing life and mentor Airmen in succeeding in the Air Force. They also connect Airmen with sponsors who will assist in arrival, responsibilities, and out-processing needs.


Military One Source

Phone: Delaware Military OneSource State Consultant (302-494-3825), Military OneSource 24/7 Support (800-342-9647)


24/7 support for Airmen and their immediate family members at no cost.

Environmental Wellness Services: On-base and Off-base housing assistance; Recreation, Travel & Shopping; Deployment, Transitioning and Retiring resources; Moving, Relocation & PCS support.

Bioenvironmental Engineering

Phone: (302) 677-2595 On-Call Phone (302) 363-9155


Manages occupational and environmental health risks for all personnel on base.

Environmental Wellness Services: Monitor health threats, conduct health risk assessments, perform gas mask & industrial respirator fit testing, and manage base drinking water providing an annual report on the results.

Public Health

Phone: (302) 677-2564



Researches, monitors, and seeks to improve community health through policy and surveillance.

Environmental Wellness Services: Medical clearances for deployment, occupational health services, infectious disease surveillance, food safety, facility sanitation and inspection, and public and childcare facility sanitation.

Legal Assistance Office

Phone: (302) 677-3300


Provides professional and personal legal support and advice on a variety of issues, including military justice, contracts, labor, environmental, operations law, civil matters, wills, domestic matters, and consumer issues.

Environmental Wellness Services: Legal support and advice on environmental and housing matters including landlord-tenant and lease issues. Processes claims for damage to, or loss of, household goods and other personal property during permanent change of station or temporary duty shipments and vandalism occurring on base.

Employee Assistance Program (AF Civilians)

Phone: (866) 580-9078


Free, confidential services to help AF Civilian personnel and their household members manage challenges and work on more complex issues.

Environmental Wellness Services: Legal Services - free annual legal consultation, discounts, online tools and library; Community Resources, Military Resources, and free Emergency Kits

Additional Resources

Equal Opportunity (EO) Office

Address: Bldg. 519, 520 Atlantic Street Dover, DE 19902

Open: 0700-1600, Mon-Fri

Phone: (302) 677-3743 and (302) 677-3905


Free, confidential services intended for: Active Duty, Federal Service Civilians, and their eligible family members, and Retirees

Environmental Wellness Services: Provide military and civilian complaint processing for allegations of unlawful discrimination that fall within the purview of the Civil Act Rights of 1964, Title VII. Those protected categories for military members are race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, hazing (effective 1 Feb 19), and bullying (effective 1 Feb 19). DoD civilian employees are also protected by the previous categories, along with age, disability, reprisal for prior EEO activity, pregnancy for sex discrimination, and genetic information. In an effort to promote an environment free from unlawful discrimination and/or harassment, the EO Office offers conflict resolution methods through mediation and facilitation utilizing the Alternate Dispute Resolution Program. Team building and specialized training (i.e. focus groups, cultural awareness, etc.) are also provided in an effort to deliver all levels of leadership preventative measures for a more cohesive environment with effective communication.

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